About Us


Our History

Siouxland Energy Cooperative is owned by 391 farmer members and is a closed cooperative. Siouxland Energy was formed for the purpose of building, owning and operating an ethanol plant near Sioux Center, Iowa. The ethanol produced from corn is sold for blending with gasoline as an octane enhancer and as a fuel. In 2007 Siouxland Energy completed an expansion project that increased production capacity to 60,000,000 gallons annually.

Siouxland Energy also produces high value feed co-products; wet distiller’s grain, syrup and corn oil which are the remnants of the corn after the ethanol producing starch is removed. These co-products are sold to nearby beef and dairy operations. This allows Siouxland Energy to not need a dryer for the co-products, which significantly reduces energy costs to the plant and also replaces VOC emissions to the atmosphere.

There are several factors related to the Siouxland Energy business that enable it to compete effectively in the ethanol production industry. These include a plant location in one of the top ten corn producing counties in the United States; one of the top counties in Iowa for livestock production, good retention of employees, and farmers that have interest in adding value to their farming operations.


Siouxland Energy utilizes high moisture corn from its members which adds up to an additional 46 cents per bushel of value. Members have the option to deliver 250 bushel of corn per share at a maximum moisture of 22%. As High Moisture Corn is received, the corn is cracked and packed into a 1050 foot by 262 foot concrete bunker.

Corn is processed at a rate of 58,000 bushel per day producing approximately 168,000 gallons of denatured ethanol per day.


After the expansion in 2007, and due to the increase in production volume, Siouxland Energy decided it needed better rail access.  In 2008 Siouxland Energy built a state-of-the-art loading terminal just south of Hudson, SD.  The rail line that goes through Hudson is a short line called the D&I Railroad.  It is owned and operated by LG Everist in Sioux Falls.  From this short line Siouxland Energy has direct access to three Class 1 railroads in Sioux City:  The Canadian National (CN), the Burlington Northern (BNSF), and the Union Pacific (UP).  These options provide Siouxland with a very large market compared to an ethanol plant that sits on a BNSF line.  It is this access that gives Siouxland Energy a huge advantage over many other ethanol plants in the country.

As of April 1 2014 a new name and logo was adopted. Over the past few years our industry has experienced many exciting changes. Some changes affect process efficiency, some affect market opportunities and yet others affect operating methods. The Siouxland Energy Board of Directors and management team has reviewed many new technologies and have been very pleased with those implemented at Siouxland Energy. Looking ahead, we see process technology adapting to produce not only ethanol, but many other forms of renewable energy such as biodiesel, isobutanol, cellulosic ethanol and even food components for human energy.  In an effort to clarify our identity in this ever changing environment, the Board of Directors along with the Siouxland Energy members approved changing the corporate name from Siouxland Energy & Livestock Cooperative to simply Siouxland Energy Cooperative. With the understanding removing the Livestock inclusion from our name may be sensitive for our livestock producing members, we assure everyone these members will continue to be a vital part of our success. However, over the past few years technology vendors have increasingly mistaken us as a livestock producer instead of an ethanol refinery. Although we will continue to produce an extremely high quality feed product for our livestock producers, our focus will be on various new forms of renewable energy production.

Siouxland Energy members are proud to do their part in improving the environment, improving the economy, and in making our country less dependent on foreign oil.