Board of Directors                         Plant Personnel                                
Todd Popken            Jeff Altena Director of Operations/Controller Ext 208 Email    
Jim Wagner   Jeff Larson Plant Manager Ext 201 Email
Howard Altena   Steve Westra Lab Manager Ext 105 Email
Kelly Niewenhuis   Tom Miller                Commodity Manager Ext 218 Email
Dave Winterfeld   Tom Edwards Grain Merchandiser Ext 217 Email
Myron Gradert         Derrick Postma Co Products Merchandiser Ext 210 Email
Vern Van Beek   Leah Holverson Office Manager/Commodities Assistant-Ethanol Ext 206 Email
Bob Van Gelder   Janeen Osterkamp Commodities Assistant-Grain & Co Products Ext 205 Email
Steve Rehder   Jessica Miranda Scale Attendant Ext 203 Email
    Doug Opheim Enviromental, Health & Safety Manager Ext 117 Email